Common Traffic Ticket Offenses in Brownsville

We see many of the same traffic offenses come through our traffic ticket law office all the time. Among the more common traffic violations that we see are:

  • Speeding tickets – You’re likely aware of what a speeding ticket means. However, did you know that penalties vary based on the speed limit and the speed over the limit that you were traveling? Did you know that speeding tickets can adversely affect your auto insurance rates?

  • Lack of a driver’s license – Are you licensed to drive in Texas? These offenses typically are ticketed in conjunction with another offense. For example, if you get pulled over for speeding and do not have a driver’s license, not only will you get cited for speeding, you will also get cited for the lack of a driver’s license.

  • Lack of insurance – Do you carry liability auto insurance? You’re supposed to! And if you don’t, you will pay a hefty penalty for breaking this law.

  • Stop sign and traffic signal offenses – Running a stop sign or traffic light are common reasons for traffic tickets. In addition, failing to obey a flashing light or failing to come to a complete stop can also result in a traffic ticket.

  • Accident-related traffic tickets – If you are involved in an automobile accident, you may be cited. For example, if excessive speed caused the crash, the speeding driver can expect a speeding ticket.

  • Reckless driving – Reckless driving tickets are serious matters with serious penalties attached. Passing a school bus – Did you know that you must stop when a school bus stops to let children on or off the bus? Both sides of traffic must do so. If not, the drivers could be cited for failing to stop for a school bus.

  • Safety ordinance violations – If your car violates a safety ordinance, expect to be cited. DOT violations – Department of Transportation (DOT) violations are those issued by the highway patrol.

  • Trucking violations – If you’re a trucker, then you know that you must adhere to strict driving regulations and that any offense could affect your livelihood. Contact a Brownsville traffic ticket lawyer ASAP to ensure that your trucking tickets are handled appropriately.

  • Curfew violations – Curfew violations affect minors. If you are under age 18 and are caught outside after the 12:00 Midnight curfew, expect to be cited for a curfew violation.

  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) violations – Like a trucking violation, a Commercial Driver’s License violation could affect your livelihood. If you drive a commercial vehicle for a living and have been issued a traffic ticket, contact a lawyer ASAP to protect your future.

In Texas, not only does each traffic conviction incur a penalty such as a fine that must be paid, it also incurs “points” on your driver’s record. These points are a type of “surcharge” that you must pay each year for several years. So, not only will you pay a fine now, you will be penalized through recurring surcharges that you must pay each year until the points have expired.