Major Traffic Tickets

Our Brownsville traffic ticket practice specializes in helping motorists fight major traffic tickets ranging from speeding tickets, red light running tickets, and illegally passing a school bus to reckless driving, DWI, and accident tickets. These more serious offenses require a knowledgeable traffic lawyer skilled in presenting a compelling defense. Not only are the charges far more serious, penalties are more severe. In fact, prison time is a very real possibility for certain offenses such as DWI.

No matter what type of ticket you have received, retaining a Brownsville traffic ticket attorney is a smart move on your part. We have the legal expertise required to fight your ticket. This is what we have trained for and what we do on a daily basis. Instead of trying to figure out the legal system on your own, retain a lawyer with a proven track record.

We know the legal system and Texas state traffic laws. We work with the same judges on traffic cases regularly. We know which defenses are appropriate under specific traffic situations. We know when to fight aggressively and when to plead for compassion. We know YOUR rights and we will fight for them!

Whether you are charged with an illegal u-turn or drunk driving, having a good Brownsville traffic ticket lawyer on your side is essential! All traffic tickets are serious. Many can affect your auto insurance rates while felony violations can even affect your livelihood! Call us today for a free consultation.