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Pay the Traffic Fine or Fight it?

After the shock of being ticketed subsides, you may be tempted to mail in a check for the fine and move on with your life. After all, who wants to take a full day off for traffic court? You may even feel that going to court will be futile. If the court finds you guilty, not only will you have to pay the fine anyway, you will have missed a day's work which adds to the cost of the ticket. Before you pay that fine, spend some time reviewing the potential consequences of doing so.

Texas Points

Paying a traffic fine isn't necessarily the end of the story. In Texas, if you have six points on your driving record in a 36-month time period, you will be charged an annual "surcharge" of $100 plus $25 for each additional point. Paying the fine is the same thing as pleading guilty, and you'll have points added to your driving record as a result.

Insurance Increases

Insurance companies base premiums on a number of risk factors, one of which is your driving record. If you have new points on your record, you can bet that your insurance company will deem you to be riskier than before and increase your insurance premium as a result. You may also lose your "good driver" discount if you had one previously, further increasing your premium.

Employment Prospects

Employers can run DMV reports on prospective employees if driving is a part of the job. Traffic convictions could reflect poorly on you and play a role in whether or not you're hired. Serious traffic convictions such as DUI may even be classified as felonies depending on the circumstances, which could further impact your long-term employment prospects.

Loss of Driving Privileges

In addition to the long-term expense, if your traffic violations are serious or numerous, you could lose your driving privileges.

Jail Time

Serious traffic offenses can result in jail time, both at the time of arrest and later as a penalty. Penalties for DUI offenses, even the first one, can include jail time. Second and third time offenders face increasingly harsh penalties with the third time offense being classified a felony. Even if the fine for a first time offense is within your means, by paying it and not fighting it, should you be cited a second time for DUI, the penalties will be far worse.

Find Out How You Can Fight Your Traffic Ticket

With so much at stake, it's in your best interest to fight back. With an experienced Brownsville traffic ticket representing your case, you have more options than you think. Plus, you may not need to appear in court. Contact us today for a free consultation where you can explore the legal options available to fight your traffic ticket.