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Three Signs You Need a Brownsville Traffic Ticket Lawyer

We all know that speeding, reckless driving, and running red lights will quickly catch the attention of law enforcement officers and lead to traffic tickets. In addition to disobeying traffic laws, other traffic ticket mistakes exist including the following three traffic ticket gotchas:

  • Paying traffic tickets by mail. When you're issued a traffic citation, the back of the ticket typically tells you how to pay the fine by mail and avoid traffic court. However, when you do this, you're admitting guilt – gotcha! What's worse, the consequences for doing so could extend far beyond the initial traffic fine. Don't give in, fight your traffic tickets!
  • Failing to question and cross-examine the law enforcement officer. If you go to court, the law enforcement officer who issued the ticket will have a chance to tell his version of the event. Next, you'll also have a chance to do the same. However, you should exercise your right to question and cross-examine the officer. As intimidating as it sounds, this could make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. Why is this a gotcha? Because most people are unaware, and thus unprepared, that they can question and cross-examine the officer.
  • Not retaining a traffic ticket lawyer – Many people think that traffic ticket lawyers are too expensive and opt to either represent themselves in court or simply pay the fine. However, this can be an expensive gotcha as a good traffic ticket lawyer can potentially save you thousands of dollars.